Hourly Consulting


Situational Clients seek targeted solutions to specified goals or situations. Situational Clients work with us on a limited basis to seek guidance on the most appropriate solutions for their circumstances and goals, which can include:

  • Investing strategy (one-time)
  • Life insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Disability protection
  • Estate settlement assistance


Situational Clients receive guidance, advice and service related to their specifically defined needs and concerns. Ongoing service and support is provided as it relates only to the work performed. Additional services, outside of scope of work defined, will be determined separately, as requested or recommended. Investment Management and Financial Planning services are available separately.


Solutions will be selected based on client situation and needs. Project Fees: Services may be fee or commission based, depending on the solution provided. Hourly Fees: Financial advice may be provided on an hourly basis, at the rate of $300 per hour.

Complimentary Review