Why Choose Us

Competence, experience, integrity, fiduciary client focus, reasonable fees, no minimums.

Gen Next Wealth wants to make a real difference in our clients' financial lives. We give the same advice to you, as we do our own families and friends. Our combination of knowledge, experience and client dedication sets us apart.

You and your financial goals are unique. You may be new to investing or a seasoned professional, representing yourself, your family, an institution or an endowment. At various points in your financial journey, you may need a quick second opinion, comprehensive planning, ongoing investment management or some combination of these. Regardless, we want to make our services fit your needs, not the other way around.

Costs matter. Maximizing returns begins with minimizing costs. The fees charged by most money managers seem to exceed the value they provide. Our fees are minimal and transparent, and we generally recommend low-cost mutual funds and ETFs for the core of your investments (with individual securities or alternatives as required to meet specific needs).

You deserve objective advice. The compensation structures at most brokerage and financial planning firms include commissions, bonuses or similar outside incentives that can conflict with your best interests. As Vanguard founder John Bogle has commented on brokerage-based advice: “No man can serve two masters.” As a fee-only, fiduciary planner, we receive no commissions or compensation from outside parties. We are committed to serving only your highest interests.


It only make sense to take advice from someone who is committed to acting in your best interest. We adhere to the fiduciary standard because you deserve unbiased advice.


We are 100% independent. We have access to the whole universe of investment opportunities and are not affiliated with a particular investment company. This allows us to always choose the right investment for you, and only answer to you as our client.


Gen Next Wealth provides comprehensive financial planning and investing services for successful individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits. We are structured to provide it in a truly client-centered way.

Most advisors are affiliated with a bank, insurance company or Wall Street firm - and they are routinely expected to push the products that are most lucrative for those parent firms. As fee-only advisors, we are compensated by, and answer only to our clients.

That independence frees us to recommend the best solutions for our clients without conflict.

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